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Universal 50W push-pull Output Transformer: SOLD OUT

This universal, push-pull output transformer has been specially designed to offer the most common impedances used in guitar amps. Although rated for 50W (full audio bandwidth) it can be run at lower power levels too, of course. If the frequency response is limited to the guitar range then it can be also pushed to 100W.
It offers two primary impedance options; 4k and 3.25k ohms into 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker taps. By doubling the speaker impedance you obtain two new primary impedance options; 6.5k and 8k ohms. It has an extra heavy-duty primary coil rated for 160mA per half, allowing it to be used even with KT88s in Class A! It can be mounted drop-through or upright using the end-frames. Made in England. Perfect for 18W, 36W and 6V6/EL34/6L6/KTxx amps!
(Note; although the label reads "UL", this is not a true ultralinear tap, it is a labelling error.)

Suggested applications:
8k= 2xEL84, 2x6V6
4k= 4xEL84, 4x6V6, 2xKT66, 2xKT88 (triode mode)
6k5= 2x6L6, 2xKT88 (tetrode mode Class A)
3k25= 2xEL34, 2xKT77, 2xKT66

Power Output (max): 50W (full bandwidth) or 100W (guitar range)

Primary Impedance Options (full bandwidth 20 - 20kHz): 4k, 3.25k
Secondary Impedance Options: 4, 8, 16 ohms.

Primary Impedance Options (restricted bass ~50Hz): 8k, 6.5k.
Secondary Impedance Options: 8, 16, 32 ohms

Primary Inductance: 10H
Dimensions: 70 x 80 x 95 mm
Weight: 2kg
Core material: Grain Orientated Silicon Steel

Primary idle DC current (max per half): 160mA
DC Insulation (min): 1kV

Due to the weight of this transformer it is available to the UK only.
I accept Paypal or UK cheque. Please email me before making any payment!