The Valve Wizard

Parts for valve guitar amplifiers!

Items for Sale

I am now pleased to offer a few hard-to-find items for the guiatar amp experimentor. I accept Paypal or UK cheque. I don't do this for a living; I'm not a business, which is why I don't have a proper online store. It's just a bit of fun and a courtesy to the hobby community that helps fund my own experiments. Send me an email explaining what you want to order, and what country you are in, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Surplus Transformers etc.
Various transformers and stuff to go.

Turret Board Material
G10 turret board material.
45p per inch

B9A Development PCB
A specially designed printed circuit board for developing and building valve circuits. 100 x 100mm.
*No longer stocked*

MM Phono Preamplifier PCB
A compact stereo moving-magnet phono preamplifier PCB. 100 x 150mm.
6.50 each

PCB Postage / Shipping:
UK postage for up to 6 boards: 1;
UK postage for more than 6 boards: 2;

Europe shipping for up to 6 boards: 3.95;
Europe shipping for 7 to 12 boards: 5.50;

USA/Canada/Australia shipping for up to 6 boards (untracked); 5
USA/Canada/Australia shipping for 7 to 12 boards (untracked); 7

I will insist on tracked shipping for more than 10 worth of boards to USA/Canada/Australia. Add a further: 5.80.